Anyone can host a Listening Event!  Our goal is to support you in reaching out and listening to people in your community about the value of arts and creativity in schools.  Here are the tools to support your event:

  1. Planning Sheet: a step by step set of questions to assist you in organizing your event.
  2. Consent Form that must be filled out by all participants so the Alliance has permission to publish participants' quotes with their names and photos.
  3. Questions for students, teachers, and parents in both English and Spanish.
  4. Report Back Form to write up highlights from your event. We want to hear as much as possible about what you learned including quotes that speak directly to our questions and any insights you have.  Please email this to Carolyn S. Carr.
  5. Upon receiving your feedback we send it to our Data Analyst who reviews it. Your data will be compiled with transcripts and reports from all other listening events and then categorized into several key learning that will inform the drafting the 5-year Community Plan.  If you have any questions about this process, please email Carolyn S. Carr.