School Reports:  Phase 2 of the Listening Campaign


Roots Academy - about 30 middle school students of color, maybe a few white students


Tassiana Willis, Facilitator

1.     What is art: drawing, dance, magic, painting, music, cooking, programming, digital arts, acting, building, architect, poetry, photography

2.     Arts education at your school

a.     We get to learn how to do arts and stuff

b.     Reading

c.     Learning history of art

d.     I play video games. I consider it art because if I have a passion for video games, I consider that art.

3.     Creativity means:

a.     Expressing yourself – a way to let it all out (especially if you are introverted)

b.     Whatever comes to your mind

c.     When you express your mind and create something from scratch

d.     Imagination

e.     Express your feelings

f.      Showing all sides of you and what you’re interested in

g.     Colors

h.     Art

i.      Anything

j.      Words

4.     What ignites your creativity:

a.     Imagination

b.     The things around me – buildings, nature

c.     Technology

d.     Music –rap songs and country music

e.     Pop culture – TV shows, things about popular things

f.      Food

5.     What can your school to better to inspire your creativity?

a.     Add art to the walls because the walls are really plain

b.     More colors

c.     More art classes

6.     Are you getting the most out of your education?

a.     Yes

b.     No – they are talking like a robot and you don’t feel inspired, not emotions

c.     Sometimes they don’t explain thoroughly and just expect us to do it

d.     They expect us to know what they know

7.     What do you want people to ask you about your school?

a.     What are you learning?

b.     How is your school?

8.     Do you like school?

a.     No – boring.

b.     Sleepy. Gotta wake up too early.

c.     Stressful. We just learn all day. NO fun. Arts in the classroom is more fun. If all teachers were artists, it could be more fun.

d.     Less boundaries, strictness

e.     Learn too much at once. Too complex

f.      Have to sit down for 4 hours

g.     Hard for people with ADD

h.     Hard to focus when you’re hungry. Don’t have time to eat.

i.      Hard to keep interest in a subject. Arts would help to make things interesting.

9.     What would improve your school?

a.     Less obstacles

b.     Too many tests

10.  Do your teachers help you succeed?

a.     Some

11.  Favorite teacher

a.     Easier to follow

b.     PE teacher is cool. He can relate to me.

12.  Do arts prepare you for a better future?

a.     YES! It can help guide me if I feel alone

b.     Help people go further in life

13.  Does school prepare you for your future?

a.     No, not at all

b.     They’re just teaching you, they treat us like adults but don’t teach us how to be adults

c.     They push birds out of the next and expect them to fly but don’t support you

d.     Don’t let us express ourselves. Doing the same things every day. Teaching us new things but every single things feels the same

e.     Teach us things we should know, but not how to write a check, buy a house

f.      Teachers say: In the future, you’re gonna… but they don’t teach us how to succeed.