Parent Reports:  Phase 2 of the Listening Campaign

Jefferson Elementary parents

All reside in San Leandro; ages 20-40’s, female:  22 Latina, 2 white, 1 A-A

Date:  2/15/17, 2:00-3:00 and 6:00-7:00

Location:  Jefferson Elementary, 14300 Bancroft Ave., San Leandro

Name of Facilitator: Judi Burle


1.What inspires creativity?

Music, projects, things connected to their culture, dance, painting, ability for self-expression, performances, making things

2.What schools can do to (better) inspire creativity?

More, longer, and varied art (visual art, dance, music) classes, more materials students can use, exposure to more types of art (drawing, music, musical theater), instrumental music for younger children beginning at 1st grade, connection of the arts to current events, projects. Offer free after-school classes in the arts, financed by community/businesses.

“Show our children how to use the creativity that they have inside them.” (Aide Reyes)

“I think they can make space for them to paint with their own hands, and let them imagine, and not be stressed, and be more self-assured.” (Maiya Peréz Yañéz)

3.The role of arts in educating young people

Self-expression of emotions and ideas; motivator; social and creative development; way to use creativity in a beneficial way; complements other aspects of children’s education; arts keep kids away from bad things like drugs, alcohol and gangs; learning about other cultures; maintain positive focus;

“Children at elementary level need exposure to many different types [of arts] to find their passion. [In] middle school, particularly important to use as a way to express themselves.” (Kerry Fiero)

“If they develop different skills, they discover that they like something new.” (Angelica Borja)

“The arts are motivating, and they make other activities easier, as well as helping children increase their self-confidence.” (Dulce Meza)

4.How arts are already integrated into their schools

(Many people did not answer this question.)

Needs to be more options in elementary school. Positive, but needs to be upgraded and needs to be more.

No signs/not aware of it.

At Jefferson there is art, music, dance in PE, music at recess, talent show, opera program, art projects in class, choral performances. “Art classes don’t seem to shine.” (Jasmine Crews)

Teacher taught the times tables through songs.

5.Schools preparing students for adulthood

Good but could be better; they could learn to make projects in which they use math, art, and reading.

Not very prepared.

Preparing them academically, but students need more help in the arts.

At Jefferson, ROAR (life skills/character educ), college mindset Friendship

6.Arts preparing students for a better future

They can create, and know that in the work world it’s necessary to create, to relax.

Helping my daughter get rid of her shyness.

To be more prepared for work and college.

Helps them be more sure of what they want in the future.

To be able to express themselves in the future.

“For a future where they may not be doctors or architects, but can be painters, art teachers, musicians, ballerinas, etc.” (Cecilia Sanchez)

“They help develop their creativity, and have more skills to serve them in the future. Also, sometimes they decide to study an arts-related career that they learned at their school.” (Luz Peña)

“Personally, I notice that when my girl was practicing songs in English, that helped her pronounce some words and speak in English.” (Lorena Durán)

7.Anything you want to add, that’s not captured by above prompts?

“My daughter was very motivated when students were preparing for a singing performance. Every day she sang at home in two languages, English and Spanish, singing the melodies they taught in school. She was very self-assured and happy that day. Now she wants to have singing lessons.” (Dulce Meza)

“I have a daughter in 11th grade. She draws portraits. She’s interested in going to art school, and her 8-year-old sister notices, so she likes drawing too.” (Angelica Borja)

“If it’s expensive for the District to provide different activities, parents will help for the well-being of our children.” (Maiya Peréz Yañéz)