August 2018 LRT Notes

August 8th, 2018

Alameda County Office of Education’s Inventing Our Future Summer Institute - Leadership Roundtable Meeting



  • Welcome and Introductions (5 min)
  • Opening Engagement Activity (15 min)
  • Strategic Priority Area Workgroup Presentations (40 min)
  • Taskforce Presentation from Yosi Sargent (55 min)
  • Close (5 min)

Distributed Material: 

  • Community Plan 
  • Alliance for ALL brochure 
  • Process Map 

"People won't show up if they don't feel comfortable in the process" - Yosi Sargent

Welcome and Introductions:

  • Louise Music gave an introduction to the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership and its history.

Opening Engagement Activity:

  • Moment to share in groups, “Why are you here?”

Strategic Priority Area Workgroup Presentations:

  • Jean Johnstone gave the group an overview of the Community plan, Priority Areas, and the Alliance’s process map.
    • Between the last Leadership Roundtable (May) and now, Strategic Workgroups met with one another to collaborate on furthering actionable items within their chosen priority area:  
CreateCA-MG group.jpg

Collective Wisdom

  • Members: Louise Music, Tassiana Willis, and Hannah Dworkin 
  • Big ideas and strategies of Collective Wisdom include inclusive listening practices, collecting critical data specific to org., and reaching out to parents for community engagement.  
  • Tassiana shared the process of interviewing youth voices, the importance of meeting them where they were at, and eliminating roadblocks for them. She then highlighted her year long efforts with incorporation their feedback/voices to inform the final version of the Community Plan.
  • Hannah Dworkin asks her students at the Bay Area Children's Theatre: “How can we serve you?”, “What do you want?”. Hannah has also collaborated with Louise Music to create a data program that identifies what students are taking away from the programs after each performance.  

Community -

  • Members: Delia Reid, Mark Hurty, Mike Palladino, Mahea Gaskins, Mark Gaskins, and Todd Berman
  • Mark Gaskins began by asking the group: “How can we get more collaboration from the community into schools?”
  • Shared thoughts -
    • Including the community making contact with the local government to incentivize change. 
    • Highlighting/including people of color and parents, to begin transforming relationships.
  • Mark also highlighted the importance of creating a culture of equity through advocacy

Policy & Engagement - 

  • Members: Jean Johnstone, Sophie Fanelli, Yvonne Cerrato, Liz Ozal, Rachel Osajima, Angela Zusman
  • Jean shared that her group will create a document that will flesh out the details of what a “policy agenda” will look like (mentioned in the Community Plan, p 15). Their goal is to flesh out more details so that it becomes more transparent. 
  • The group identified that they are looking toward creating a map of the existing arts organizations in the region, identifying their resources, and making the map visible to the wider public. This knowledge will aid in building advocacy

Teaching & Learning - 

  • Artists are being trained throughout the bay - do we convene a group of arts orgs to come up with standards, or a certificate, or a process, or a list of trainings?
  • Do we have a self assessment for artists (a continuum of teaching in classrooms).
  • Parents, family learning experiences missing, we need to incorporate them. 

TaskForce Presentation: 

Pat Wayne:

  • Overview and history of CREATE California
  • Shared personal history and motivations in being part of the art movement.
  • Emphasized the importance of being a “positive disruptor” within the collective network.

Yosi Sargent:

  • “Art education has a bad brand”. Create CA is looking to adjust organizations visuals and marketing to match the communities that you are trying to reach. At the moment, the breadth of work and process from some arts orgs isn't necessarily reflected in their product (Ex: Websites)  
  • Plan: Building a platform brand that allows variance while acknowledging the larger scope of work that has already been done.
    • Creation of micro-brands that are apart of a larger structure
    • Building a network for consistent communication
  • Process is not reflected in the received product  

Questions from the group:

  • Do you have other examples that showcase marketing vessels that could connect to what you are attempting to achieve?  Who/what are other brands that use the same methodology? 
    • Levi’s branding → a sense of lifestyling such as blue collar workers, hipsters etc.
  • What do you think will be the near enemy of this campaign? - Reid Davis
    • A good foil makes for a good campaign. However, we should not introduce a near enemy, if so it would be inequity -YS  


CREATE CA hopes to simplify our message. Along with, creating a vessel in which the energy of the arts movement can be captured and to give the tools people need to be successful so that we are continuously eliminating roadblocks. Together with the Alliance for ALL we will inspire and empower the next generation of revolutionaries -- creatives.  

"...We need to create revolutionaries in our spaces." - Michelle Holdt



CREATE CA statewide launch - Oct 15th and 16th, at the Create CA 2018 Annual Statewide Convening in San Jose, CA

Alliance for ALL Winter Event - Date TBD

Sadie Washington