May 2017 LRT Notes

LRT Notes May 17th


“If we are to achieve our shared vision of high quality education, for every child, in every school, every will require a multitude of players, with a singleness of purpose, over a sustained period of time.”


June - LAT designs proposed governance and funding plan - LAT reviews revised plan and make next steps for vetting (stakeholders)

July-September - vetting

October - Finalize plan

November - Community plan launch and celebration


We have moved from discreet program to ILSP to district-wide initiatives - moving into policy and funding - many achievements.

Communications Guidelines now available - still in progress but really getting there - and KQED is very impressed with us. They will be a key partner and have an amazing communications program, and are very committed to the Alliance.

Draft Plan

Louise walks us through the draft plan in progress, then the LRT gives input in small groups



  • Changing 4 key learnings to 4 key insights
  • Creativity requires more support should be first
  • Start with Listening Campaign - at top
  • Community Plan at top
  • No acronyms!


  • Keep something about arts in the name - collective instead of alliance?  Bring 5 year plan to forefront
  • Hunger for more arts integration and health and well-being missing from listening campaign
  • Include box that says Collective Impact is...
  • Include bullet on youth and student voice under mutually reinforcing -  Change principal leadership to school leadership - Accessing parent, family and cultural success
  • City services? How to include, huge impact on youth.  Arts learning for police officers
  • Making sure to capture the difference between priority one and two
  • Where are the parents?
  • Measurement languages - no qualitative language - indicators?
  • Looking at both what we are doing now and ongoing goals - what are our benchmarks?  How do we say that we are progressing?
  • Teachers - only mentioned once - where are they?
  • Listening campaign and measurements and priorities don’t seem to correspond
  • How we report out and have a continuous improvement loop which is key to collective impact

Priority one -

  • Think about how to engage on a more day to day basis - systems
  • Clarify that it’s about ongoing engagement with community and how we are doing

Priority two -

  • deepen educator practices - and include youth engagement - and include emotional/social learning/health
  • Arts teaching AND arts integration
  • Missing higher ed

Priority three -

  • Clarify that it’s more about engaging our networks
  • who’s not at the table - technology? can we make adobe or dropbox a real partner?
  • Youth speaks, youth radio, Making sure teaching artists are a vital part of the plan
  • One on one outreach - missing businesses, need economic development at city level - think about how to incorporate more into a day to day practice

Priority four -

  • policies that focus on health of young people
  • lack of info on arts in ca school dashboard and local accountability plan
  • arts are never mentioned as vehicle for improving school climate, etc
  • organizing parents for grassroots movement - particularly organizing parents for LCAP and doing ILSP for parents
  • better process to raise parent voice (work in parent voice to inventing our future, etc) -PTA might be good start but least effective in high need areas common sense media (craig) has good approach and could be instrumental partner in engaging parents and families and could do trainings
  • ACOE has a family engagement network and we are not utilizing that let’s connect
  • Student engagement drives curriculum


  • Really make sure there is a clear rationale to go to tech, business, etc - look at california economy section and arts as human right section - connecting to specific constituencies with specific language - start with data, use numbers to pull people in then go into richness of story-telling
  • Level of specificity very uneven in action steps - broader categories then more specifics underneath from all our partners
  • Include a visual of the ecosystem - who is involved and where is the core and how to they all fit together
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