September 2017 LRT Notes

LRT Notes - September 20 - 9:30-11:30

PRESENT - Angela Zusman, Chip McNeal, Carolyn Carr, Liz Ozol, Yvonne Cerrato, Becky Wheat, Lindsay Krumbein, Ann Wettrich, Louise Music, Rachel Osajima, Jean Johnstone, Michelle Holdt



9:30-10:00 - Overview and Opening Activity

10:00-10:30 - Introduction of Community Plan and Vetting Response

10:30-11:15 - Reading, Vetting Response, and Feedback

11:15-11:30 - Next Steps

Opening Activity - sentences around the room - read them and stand by one that resonates for you - everyone physicalizes.

Louise provides an overview:

Jean Johnstone hired as interim director of the Alliance for ALL through seed funding from Stuart Foundation. She will hire a team and work toward January launch and implementation for the first year. Paul Born at Tamarack is still consulting and providing support. We are talking with a number of folks - experts - to get feedback on our current draft of the Community Plan. Who might LRT members reach out to before our formal launch to get expertise from other folks not listed here?

Jean introduces the Community Plan:

Read through, vetting process (a few questions to reflect on) - we are syncing, harnessing the efforts already happening and moving forward together.  Help us identify where you are in this, and what is missing. Michelle Holdt offers an example of a vetting response.

Louise on vetting response:

When you respond really think about your personal work and what you can do to connect with the goals and priorities in this document - being as specific as you can about the real work that you and doing and putting it in those priority areas. Meet with a partner and reflect on the first question - then we will switch partners and reflect on the next question - and then again for the third.



  • Chip - It’s a hard story to tell - the evolution of this work, vision, hope, striving - and you could hand this to someone and say “this is what I have been working on for the last 20 years” - it tells the story of what I care about - it’s coherent and complex

  • Becky - very clear and concise - if I were picking this up without a background in the arts, I feel like I would come away knowing how important this is

  • Ann - loves the initial quote from Paolo - arts as powerful tool - thread carried throughout - like Chip the history part, the story of our work that you can just hand to people without blabbering!!!  Allows people to see the depth and complexity and evolution of the work - gives people permission to find their place - encouraging people to join and help us take the new step - it’s living and breathing and will change and is in growth - long term sustained initiative - I like the colors!

  • Louise - in the community part - thinking about the quotes we pulled out - this is an initiative and there are many, right?  How can we invite others who are working in specific areas how their work has grown over the years as well

  • Rachel - I really like the story it crafts - all the voices - beautiful document

  • Angela - Congratulations to the team - so happy to see input from listening campaign - youth - felt great

  • Yvonne - blown away!  Thank you!  This feels like you nailed it!  Made a case for what we’re doing and why it needs to happen, I like how you stated the problems and gave research based solutions right after - I hope we can keep replicating research - I feel like I could give this to anybody and they would understand what needs to be done in education - parents, policymakers - that is exciting and powerful


  • Ann - what am I doing now/who working with - teaching at City College and working at Emergent Art Space - working with college students in both organizations - students who are in art school or are recently graduated - and group of adults all ages - I can bring a youth perspective and an international perspective - collective wisdom feels exciting - but a lot of artists I work with want to be teachers - so I feel like I can make connections - eager to learn more about how other orgs can enter into this process and get these learnings together from everyone so we can shift strategies based on what we are learning

  • Louise - a prior draft had action steps and we decided it was too granular - this is a community plan - and we want to know how people connect - without TELLING them - letting them come up with their own action steps - for me at ACOE in integrated learning - we will continue to work with Tassiana Willis so she can meet with youth leadership teams - also the ILSP program - the principal leadership network - how to customize for principals and district leaders - being supportive and helping to activate creativity that is already there but not fully realized - partnering with Cal Arts Alliance for program in March - collecting PD data from ALL orgs around the Bay so we can start to get numbers

  • Jean - TAG as well as where I want my work to move - I see myself in so much of this - especially excited for next steps to see how we take a collectively created plan and roll it out across communities and continue the collective impact work


  • Research and citations and primarily white - missing voices of color

  • Angela - Missing granular details about next steps and strategies and what is coming

  • Louise - Thank you for the listening campaign - this is a process and a practice - and in January people will say “this is what I can do” and they will make a commitment and sign off - and then Alliance staff will track it

  • Ann - what is the governance structure?  Who’s going to fund it?  How much money do we have?  What is our action plan short term?

  • Rachel - some measurable goals with a timeline as we get started

  • Ann - theory of change more articulated? The driving mechanism within the bigger picture - and having non-artists read this

  • Rachel - a description of what we mean by the arts and what creativity looks like in the school environment - asking a parent if they even understand what this is about

  • Ann - I liked the 4 priorities but the description felt to mushy

  • Chip - worried about artificial dates/deadlines that are NOT about how communication takes place

  • Louise - we are bringing in a data person who is an expert and will help track and assess what the community says they will do


  • Conversations with others to align and calibrate - SHARE/VET with Paul Born, Sarah Anderberg, Pat Wayne, Denise Grand, Sophia Klatzer, Meryl Goldberg, Karen Monroe, Roberto Bedoya, Donn Harris, Shirley Bryce Heath (CC), Janice Jackson (CC), Eric Engdahl (CC)

  • Are there others you can follow up with from the LRT who are not here?

  • We will work with the graphic designers

  • Sophie and Stan will convene funders to share the document

  • We will create a 4-fold document that’s much more visual for the launch

  • This vision of cross-sector stakeholders is a big challenge - how can we reach out to school leaders more effectively (Becky Wheat) - LRT bringing people who you believe need to be there to get involved in the next step

  • Can each member of LRT take this out to one other person and get their feedback by October 30th?

  • Next meeting is January launch

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