November 2016 LRT Notes

 What words come to mind when you think about education? Responses from REACH youth 11/09/16.

What words come to mind when you think about education? Responses from REACH youth 11/09/16.

1.  Opening & Story Circle Louise Music opened the meeting asking everyone to use the story form to talk for one minute about their post-election experience and its relevance to our work.  After each story, the group reflected back in words and short phrases what we heard.  Stories included surprise, anger, depression and anxiety, as well as strategies for addressing issues, engaging difficult conversations, caretaking, seeking connection across divides, resisting oppressive forces, cultivating resilience and renewed activism. As we concluded the circle, an important question emerged for on-going consideration: How can we bring a sense of urgency to the Alliance’s mission at this moment in time?

 2. Updates -  Review & Discussion  [See Planning Powerpoint Slides for details]

  • Alliance: Framing the Work – We discussed the new campaign statement:  Arts & Creativity: For the Love of School and a Better Future, along with vision, mission and belief statements. Additionally, a DRAFT of aligned indicators being considered to assess and show progress over time was reviewed.
  • Sequencing of Leadership Roundtable Work
    • Phase I - Current Reality:  Understanding What Is.  (September - January)
    • Phase II: Part 1 - Meaning Making Community (February - March)
    • Phase II: Part 2 - Plan Development and Community Review Process (April - May)
    • Phase III: Community Plan Signing Ceremony; Launch; Communication Plan Implementation (June - September)
  • Research & Data Team – Derek Fenner & Craig Cheslov presented and discussed existing research studies & data resources we are engaging with, including the recently release CA Data Project tool, TAG Mapping Project, Healthy Kids Survey and Alameda County Graduation Rates, LCAP plans with art education components (5), and districts with art plans (5).
  •  Listening Campaign (September – February) – Angela Zusman presented.  She and Tassiana Willis are building this campaign in collaboration with eight REACH teens who are being trained and paid to participate. They are working together to gather input from students, teachers and families in five – ten schools throughout the county.  The team is excited, charged and ready to begin these conversations.  Check out their first blog here.

ther components to the campaign currently underway are conversations with business and faculty from teacher and educational leadership credentialing programs in the region.  To bring new faces and voices in, Leadership Roundtable members are encouraged to convene conversations within your networks and contribute to the Alliance’s growing data sets—funders, other youth groups, schools, museums, etc.

  • Communications – Ann Wettrich and Mia Tsui gave an update on the Communication Team’s progress. The task is to develop a communications and community engagement plan that will become part of the Alliance’s Community Plan.  A key goal is to strengthen our use of digital and social media tools and platforms to encourage public and community stakeholder participation and support.
    • Alliance website taken up as the first priority by the team.  This new website was presented as a work in progress. Please use it to keep updated on the Alliance and Leadership Roundtable’s work.  It includes our meeting calendar and notes here.
    • Alliance Communication Team training – with Lisa Attygalle, Director of Community Engagement at the Tamarack Institute—November 28th & 30th, 9:30-1:30 at the Alameda County Office of Education.  Lisa will also coach the team as they refine the website, develop a newsletter, engage social media platforms and develop a communication plan. 

3.  Concluding Notes & Actions

  • Committee Sign Ups. Please sign up to work on of the three working teams if you haven’t yet. 
  • Next meeting date:  February 15, 2017, 9:30 – 11:30 at the Alameda County Arts Commission Conference Room.

Thanks for your work and happy holidays!

Carolyn Carr