About Us

Our Mission

By 2022, each and every child in Alameda County Public Schools is successfully engaged in creative and active learning, both in and out of school, in preparation for college, career and community life. 

Our History

The Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership was launched in 1999 as a project of the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) with the mission to establish arts learning at the core of the highest quality public education.  Find out more.

Our Strategies

The Alliance has embraced a strategy of Collective Impact that seeks to make connections between diverse constituents who care deeply about equitable and high quality arts education for all students. This work is an acknowledgment that what happens in schools has an impact on us all. It has become a powerful opportunity for schools, teachers, teaching artists, arts organizations, funders, parents and community members to lead the conversation of how we can engage all students - even those considered the "hardest-to-reach" - and encourage creative, disciplined,  reflective and critical thinkers. We have engaged a variety of cross-sector stakeholders in education, arts organizations, philanthropy, business and government. Our Community Plan reflects the work which has been built and informed by Collective Impact StrategiesCommunity Engagement, and Data & Research.